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Five Ways to Get Rid of Bad Teachers January 3, 2011

Posted by jlhawkinson in Technology and Business.

SimpleK12 posted this one Twitter.  Read the entire post by visiting Spencer’s Scratch Pad.

Could it be that simple to get rid of bad teachers?  And who is it that is deciding that someone who fits in these categories are the bad teachers?  I know several teachers who could survive these five ways, but are still bad teachers.  Why?  Because they don’t care or they don’t want to be there.

Let’s look at these five ways.

Take away the Teacher’s Guides (the standards and curriculum maps also).  There are many teachers out there that teach straight from the book and without the answer keys, they are lost.  Does it make them a bad teacher?  Not necessarily, but it sure could make them a boring, unimaginative teacher.

Take away the computers; no electricity.  Now I agree with this one.  Twenty years ago, teachers were educating without all this cool technology.  I’m a technology teacher, but I always have a contingency plan in place because there is always going to be a day when the servers or Internet are down, or power goes out, or someone needs the lab for district testing.  We have to be able to teach without technology just as well as teaching with technology.

Take away the School Discipline or Administrators.  Ohhh, tough one.  This is going to depend on where the person is teaching.  There were days when I had certain students in certain classes and I was thankful to know that administration was nearby.  Discipline plans don’t always work so I learned not to rely on them, but there were days I really needed the Police Liaison to intervene.

Take away grades and homework.  I would be in Heaven!  Oh please do this.  Am I the only one that would love to see this happen?  Yes, I know some teachers that live by homework and grades and that is how they teach.  They would be completely lost without them.  But we can’t rely on homework and grades to motivate our children.  That is our job.

Take away the classroom for a day.  Wouldn’t this be interesting.  I would love to see the outcome of this one.  Field trip! but where the teacher leads the group instead of a facilitator at the location.  When I taught in the traditional school, I loved taking my students outside for certain lessons.  We would take field trips outside for Web Design to give them opportunities to take pictures for their web sites.  Take a walk around town to discuss the different businesses and how they effect the economy or how the economy has effected them.

Yes, I can see these five things disrupting certain teachers.  But as the author said, most teachers are going to survive these and it doesn’t mean they are good teachers or bad teachers.



1. mrjarvisgmhs - January 14, 2011

OK, so I agree with everything except the technology. Although I could definitely teach without it, it makes life so much more fun. The only way that would work is if you took away all of the kids tech as well, and we all know that would never happen.

I could care less about the teacher’s guides (never use them) and the administration (don’t even know whether they are there or not) and the grades (they matter little anyway) and the classroom (I am being criticized for taking too many field trips and not spending enough time in my classroom), but please, please, please…don’t take my tech!

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