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The Right and Wrong Way to Use Technology for Learning July 9, 2013

Posted by jlhawkinson in Technology and Business.
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This was posted on Facebook and I have to agree with the article, The Right and Wrong Way to Use Technology for Learning on TeachThought.

Now, it isn’t wrong to use those “Wrong Ideas” to foster learning but technology should be used to empower learning.  I want my students to use technology to embrace their own learning.  Yes, they can ask me and I can give them answers, but are they going to learn from that?  No.  This has always been my philosophy – “I will explain.  I will show.  Then you will do.”  I can’t expect my students to just know how to do something and I can’t hit all learning styles by either just explaining something or just by showing how to do something.  So I do both and then I want to reinforce that by having the students show me they can do it.

Now when you combine those Wrong Ideas and those Right Ideas together, BOOM!  What a combination and learning experience you have to work with.  So, let’s empower our students to take action and create their own learning with the education we are providing them and the technology that is out there for all to use.



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