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ModernLessons.com July 16, 2013

Posted by jlhawkinson in social media.
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I saw a tweet today about “10 Free Web Tools Teachers Should Try” so I clicked on it.  I was surprised to see a website of courses at Modernlessons.com, not an article.  So I looked a little further into it and there are quite a few little courses for people to take to learn about different websites or technologies that are available out there for us (and not just the teachers, but any of us that want to learn about Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, and much more.

So I registered, and registering is by far an easy thing to do on this site.  You can register using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, YouTube, OpenId, WordPress, or simply your E-Mail account.  Then I signed up for the “10 Free Web Tools Teachers Should Try”.  I did this for two reasons.  First, there were several tools that we have been discussing, or will be discussing, in my Master’s Program courses and second, there were new ones that I haven’t heard of and was curious to learn more about.  This course focuses on Edmodo, GrockIt, EduBlogs, Skype, Wikispaces, Evernote, Diigo, Carrotsticks, Planboard, and Glogster.

As I mentioned, they have other courses also.  They have courses for beginners on Pinterest, Google, iPad, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and several others.  There is a course on how to create a Professional Online Resume, as well as web tools to make your own infographics.  There is a Must Have Guide to Google in Education and a course for iPads in Education.  So there are several courses there to learn about the different web tools that we probably have used or do use quite a bit, but maybe not to their full potential because we just didn’t know how.  And the best of all….they are free!  I love that.